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Health Care Products by Penkwin

After researching about the healthcare, we want to believe that healthcare is the basic necessity of life so we should think about it that to serve mankind especially in healthcare is one of the noble cause. So we think about that the patient satisfaction doesn’t tie in with the quality of the products. But if the quality of the products is not good then it become more dangerous for the patients to cure from there disease.

As we are dealing in healthcare products who is 100% reliable and totally manufactured under the supervision of efficient peoples and help the patients to get rid off the disease. Penkwin provides a customer configure just on one click. Our products are Inflatable Ring Cushion, Complete Bunion Relief & Bunion Corrector Kit, Metatarsal Pad Set, 5-piece plantar kit.

Now we should discuss about our products and what comforts they provide to the users.

Inflatable Ring Cushion: also known as Donut cushion not only use for those suffering from problems associated with sittings. Provide complete solution for those having injuries or discomfort in the lower region, also who suffers from hemorrhoids or even some women after giving birth. Unique circular hollow shape become helpful for weight distribution. It provides the benefits like use them anywhere like at home, office. They lighten direct pressure and provide high quality support. Effective pain relief. Can be used daily. Provide ventilation. Helping to improve posture. Suitable for anyone who would like additional comfort.

Complete Bunion Relief & Bunion Corrector Kit: several types of bunion corrector like Toe Separator, Bunion Sleeves, Bunion Pads. It provides the comforts like Relieves joint pressure. Help restore natural alignment of the big toes. Great for preventing the worsening of bunions. Shock Absorbing. Protective cover to protect your painful bunions. Made with super soft Medical Grade Gel. Can be worn with shoes. Gently help realign the toes to natural position. It avoids risky surgery use our bunion relief kit and eBook to very likely make a Permanent correction, greatly reduce, even completely stop bunion pain. 100% risk free.

Metatarsal Pad Set: used to help spread the transverse arch, promote the return of overextended toes to their normal anatomical position and encourage the return of the forefoot pad to a place that supports the metatarsal heads. Helps relieve Discomfort from flattened metatarsal arches. Self Adhesive Backing to help keep support in place. Washable, one size fits most shoes. Helps spread that pressure out and ease metatarsal pain.

 Plantar kit: used as a method of treatment to alleviate stress on the plantar fascia ligament since it limits the movement of the fascia. It relieves the pain, heel spurs and other inflammation related foot pain. Gentle compression for your feet. Helps prevent swellings. Gel infused fabric. Helps prevent and   heal cracked heals. One size fits most. Deep tissue massage. Smoothing warmth-place in warm water for soothing heat treatment massage. Cold therapy-place in the freezer for cold therapy massage.

Posted by: Lee Parker on 05 May 2017

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