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Why is interest rate a deciding factor in home loans

A house in a prime locality which is nearby to the various hubs is every man’s dream. There has been increase in the home loan since last two decades. The home loans provide flexibility to the buyers and are affordable to them. As buying a home completely on the savings is impossible, the home loans provide financial help. Unlike the personal and traditional finance the homes loan rates offer flexibility in the interest rates, the tenure of repayment, the mode of repayment this has increased the number of home loan substantially.


Various banks and non-banking financial institutions have been offering home loans rates that range between 9-10 % with a mere processing fee of 1-2 % of the loan amount. These banks and non banking institutions customize the housing loans as per the needs of the customers. Whenever a bank sanctions you a home the amount of the home loan which gets sanctioned depends on various factors like the location of the property, the age of the property at the sanctioning of the loan, the age  of the property at the maturity of the loan , the age of the customer, the customer’s profile and so on.

The home loans rates are a function of the principal loan amount, the tenure of the repayment. As home loan requires long term commitment it is necessary to check the interest rate before availing for the home loan. Because the person might feel burdened with time hence, he should always check the interest rate see whether it is affordable to him and then avail for a home loan.  The banks check the credit score of a person before they sanction him a loan. If the person has good credit score there is no problem while availing the loan.


In case the person has not paid the EMIs on time the bank might reconsider before giving the loan. He can also negotiate with the bank for lesser home loans rates if he has paid his EMIs regularly. The individual does not need to waste time as home loans have become more feasible because all the information regarding the home loans have been available on the online sites of the lending institutions. The person need not go manually to apply for a home loan he can simply fill up the form which is available online. The information which is to be filled should be correct and not fabricated then the he can apply for the loan and wait for the next 15 days to get response from the lender.

Posted by: Anurag Mishra on 23 March 2017

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