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Tempo Latino Vic Fezensac Gi exceptionnel disponible 10-14 pers

Gite exceptionnel pour 10-14 pers - 100E pour 4 nuits Read More

Burqa may be banned in France today

The French lower house is voting today on the burqha ban Read More

Us Brits and the weather

Brits and French complain about the weather in Midi-Pyrenees Read More

Property Market in Midi-Pyrenees

Financiers and property agents are talking up the French property market Read More

Gardening Day

Tending the gardens of the not so rich and not so famous Read More

Blooming Midi-Pyrenees weather

The weather in the Midi-Pyrenees this May has been awful - is this normal?? Read More

Are you a Francophile or an Expat?

Do you love French culture or simply live here for the weather and wine Read More

Travelling to the old country

Driving in the Uk has reminded me why I am in France Read More

Do people really still fall for this con??

Just received an email offering me millions of dollars Read More

Airlines starting to charge for hand luggage

Spirit Airlines in the USA have started to charge for hand luggage Read More
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